The guest accommodation contract (hiring agreement) is finalized as soon as the room/function room is ordered or answered in the affirmative or – if time precluded an answer in the affirmative – is made available.

Finalization of the guest accommodation contract (hiring agreement) commits the contractual parties to fulfil the contract irrespective of the period for which the contract has been finalized. The contract cannot be unilaterally cancelled.

Tentative or option data is incumbent on both parties to the contract. The hotel reserves the right on expiry of the tentative or option data to re-let the reserved rooms and function rooms.

Reserved hotel rooms are made available to the guest from 3.00pm on the arrival date up to 11.00am on the day when leaving. The hotel reserves the right to re-let hotel rooms after 6.00pm should a time of arrival or a guarantee reservation not have been expressly agreed on.

Function rooms reserved are only made available to the service recipient for the time as agreed to in writing. Making use of the function rooms over and above the period as agreed to requires obtaining the previous approval of the event department.

The service recipient has no claim to certain hotel rooms or function rooms being made available. In instances of where rooms or function rooms as agreed to are not available irrespective of what the reason is, then the hotel undertakes to provide a replacement of equal standing. This may not be in the hotel itself, if this is still deemed not to be unreasonable.

The following is invoiced in cases of where hotel rooms, function rooms and arrangements are either cancelled or re-booked:
a) Up to 40 days prior to arrival: No costs
b) 39 to 30 days before arrival: 30 % of the stipulated costs/arrangements
c) 29 to 14 days before arrival: 45 % of the stipulated costs/arrangements
d) 13 to 0 days before arrival: 60 % of the stipulated costs/arrangements
e) For overnight stay/breakfast reservations only 80 % of the stipulated room price The above periods are extended by 30 days in each case should the agreements made with Haus am Meer come to over 50 overnight stays per event.
The hotel endeavours to re-let, if possible, rooms, function rooms and arrangements that are not taken up. Up to a re-allocation of the contractually stipulated rooms, function rooms and arrangements, the service recipient is to pay the calculated amount for the term of the contract with consideration being given to the above cost arrangements. Given reservation cancellations, then the work & services of third parties as ordered by Haus am Meer on behalf of the service recipient are to be refunded in keeping with the general terms & conditions of the third party.

To ensure an orderly sequence with group reservations (upwards of 12 persons), the service recipient /orderer undertakes to provide the hotel with a list of those involved 4 days at the latest before the group arrives.

In instances of where the orderer is not the event organizer, then both are responsible as joint and several debtors.

If the organizer is arranging a political event, then in order for the contract to become effective the Hotel Managing Director must also give his approval to it. Should the orderer/organizer not disclose the fact that a political association is involved, then the hotel is entitled to cancel the contract and to charge the corresponding costs of provision in keeping with 7.

The hotel can withdraw from the contract if it transpires on finalization of the contract that a risk exists of the event concluded with the orderer/organizer adversely affecting the smooth running, safety or reputation of the hotel. This applies, in particular, when the orderer/organizer does not adequately inform the hotel about the true purpose of the event at the time of contract finalization.

Invoices to the exclusion of any deduction are to be paid within 10 days from the date of invoice.

Credit cards (Amexco, Eurocard, Visa) will only be accepted to pay for amounts which are neither subject to a commission requirement nor special general accords.

In the event of the period between contract finalization and service provision exceeding 6 months, the hotel reserves the right to modify prices without making them known beforehand. Irrespective of the date of contract finalization, any changes to the value-added tax are to the benefit or debit of the service recipient. All prices are in euros inclusive of VAT. This does not apply to conference packages.

No verbal subsidiary agreements are made. Any changes or additions are to be in the written form to be effective.

The place of jurisdiction is Westerstede. “The following is to be noted in respect of seminars, conferences, congresses, banquets, balls, exhibitions, presentations etc.

A change to the numbers for the collective meal is to be sent in writing 4 days at the latest before the event begins; otherwise the ordered number of place covers will be invoiced as a minimum requirement.

The organizer/orderer assumes liability for any additional meals and drinks ordered by those at the event.

Prior hotel approval is needed should any food or drinks be brought into the hotel.

No liability is assumed for loss or damage to items and exhibits brought into the hotel. Any decorative material must comply with fire regulation requirements.

Bringing in decorative material or other items without the authorization of the hotel is not permitted. To the exclusion of any fault certification, the organizer/orderer is liable for any damage to the furnishings or inventory of the hotel resulting from installation or dismantling or for damage which occurs during the event itself.

Any faults to the technical equipment made available will – to the extent as is possible – be immediately put right. However, payments cannot be withheld or reduced in value.

Municipal levies in connection with the event, entertainment tax, extended licensing hours etc. and GEMA (performing rights society) / GÜFA fees are charged to the organizer.

The following hiring calculation formula applies if the minimum turnover is not obtained vis-a-vis the space hiring charge:
1. Difference to the minimum turnover in %.
2. This percentage is drawn upon to establish the remaining hire charge
Remaining hire charge calculation example:
Hire charge 200– EUR / minimum turnover 1400– EUR
Turnover obtained 900–EUR
Difference to the minimum turnover 500– EUR = 35.7%,
thus the hire charge remaining is 142.80 EUR
– We reserve the right to undertake modifications –

By booking the “non-refundable rate” you have saved 10% of the original room rate. In case of cancellations or changes of the “non refundable rate” you have to pay 100% cancellation fee, without deviation! 

The contractor shall not be obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer-enforcement agency.